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       80 Minute 
Massage Services

     Please Note: If possible, it is recommended to shower before receiving your service.

  • 80 Minute Swedish Massage Session                                         $160

          Relax, rejuvenate, and settle in with an 80 minute Swedish massage session. If you have specific trouble spots that demand that extra bit of work, then this extended session is for you! Swedish Massages are designed to relax the muscles with long, soothing strokes that guide blood flow back towards the heart. Tension melts away. Swedish Massage has many therapeutic benefits and often is perfect for most clients. Pressure in Swedish Massage tends to be light to medium deep. 

  • 80 Minute Deep Tissue Massage Session                                    $185

          Breathe deep and allow yourself to be fully worked out. Our Deep Tissue massages are designed to relax you but also target any specific tension points with sustained deep pressure strokes and trigger point therapy. Deep tissue massage is not for everyone but if you are a "Deep Tissue person" you know it, and we are capable of providing just what you need! The additional time to your session is the perfect way to really allow yourself the complete therapeutic work that may be necessary to break through those tough layers of stress knots and hardened muscles. 

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